As all of you know that Canada Post is the largest mail delivery company in Canada. It delivers items through the mail. If an item is bigger in size and can’t be sent through mail then it is sent by using Canada Post Flat Rate Box. You can send all the items from one place to another place that are bigger in size by using this service of Canada Post. Everything comes with a limitation and flat rate boxes also have some limitations that are being discussed below on this page. If you are going to send your items using Canada Post prepaid boxes or flat rate boxes then there are some requirements that must be fulfilled by the sender otherwise your item can be refused by Canada Post. Let’s know about the limitations and all the requirements by Canada Post. Read the complete article to know everything about Flat rate boxes and flat rate boxes prices.


Canada Post Flat Rate Box

As we have told you earlier in this post flat rate boxes are used to send the items that are bigger in size. Those items which can’t be sent by mail, are sent by flat rate box. These Canada Post flat rate boxes can be owned at any outlet of Canada Post. If you don’t know the location of any nearest Canada Post office to you then you may click here to know the location of the nearest Canada Post office. After clicking this link, you have to follow some steps and can visit any Canada Post office wherever you want. There are three sizes of the Flat Rate boxes and all three sizes can’t be available in all of the Canada Post offices. There are only 60 Canada Post Offices that have all the sizes of prepaid boxes at any time. It is hard to find the biggest size of the prepaid box. Small and medium sizes can be available at almost offices. Once you have owned the box then you can send the item easily to the whole of Canada.

SizeDimensions (in cm)
Small35 x 26 x 5
Medium38 x 26 x 12
Large40 x 28 x 17

The limitation of the Flat rate box is that the item you want to send must not be weighing more than 5 kg. It should weigh less than 5 kg if you want to send it using Canada Post Flat rate box. If the item doesn’t fulfill the requirement, it can be refused by Canada Post and your item may be sent back to the sender and additional charges may also be applied. So, if you use a flat rate box then make sure the item is weighing less than or equal to 5 kg.

Flat Rate Box Shipping and Delivery Standards Canada Post

Once you have bought any size of flat rate box from the Canada Post office, you can pack your item, can address the box, and can send it anytime when you want. Either you can send the item from any post office or a small size box can be shipped by dropping it at the nearest letterbox. You need not change the shape and size of your item, just pack and put it into the box. A common question might strike your mind when does the flat rate box reach its destination? Well, we have made a table for you to understand better the delivery time of the flat rate box. You can check it out below.

Delivery AreaDelivery Standard
Major Urban Centers
Local1 Day
Regional1-3 Days
National2-7 Days
Non-Major Urban Centers
Local1 Day
RegionalUp to 4 Days
NationalUp to 11 Days
Northern Regions & Remote Centers
Local6 Days
Regional6-13 Days
National6-13 Days


What Does Flat Rate Box Contain?

It contains postage and a high-quality shipping box. The flat rate box is made up of 75% of recycled content and 25% of post-consumer content that’s why these boxes can’t be harmed easily. You can send your item without any worry using Canada Post Flat Rate Box. It comes with many more features like the signature at the time of delivery and a coverage of up to $100 in case of any damage or loss to your item. Also, these boxes are made up of eco-friendly contents. Water-based inks and 100% recyclable contents are used to make these boxes. So, these boxes don’t cause any harm to our environment and can be used without any problem. All the items that are sent using a flat rate box get delivered on time and you can track your item as well.

Note: All illegal and inflammable items are prohibited by Canada Post to send using a Flat Rate Box.

Canada Post Flat Rate Box Shipping Rates | Flat Rate Box Prices

Canada Post Box shipping prices are the prices that Canada Post charges to ship an item using prepaid boxes or flat rate boxes. Flat rate box prices depend on the size of the box. Bigger is the size of the box, highly it will be charged by Canada Post. So, the prices of the small, medium, and large size boxes are different. Small-sized prepaid boxes can be dropped to the nearest letterbox to ship but you will have to go to the post office if you are shipping a medium-size or large-size flat rate box. For your better experience, we have shown the shipping prices of the Canada Post flat rate box in the form of a table. Check the table to know the prices.

(l*w*h in inches)
PricesMax. WeightDeposit Sites
Small10 3/8 x 14 x 2 1/8$18.49 5 kgStreet Letterbox
Post Office
Medium10 3/8 x 15 3/8 x 4 7/8$23.49 5 kgPost Office
Large12 x 16 x 7 1/2$29.99 5 kgPost Office


We hope this article will help you to know about the Canada Post office flat rate boxes and their prices. If you still have any problems then you may comment to us and we will be there to help you in every possible way.

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