Royal Mail is the biggest and most reputed delivery company in the United Kingdom established in 1516. Since its stabilization, Royal Mail has served the best services to its customers which makes it more and more trustworthy by day and night. Royal Mail delivers to more than 230 countries worldwide and that’s why Royal Mail has millions of customers engaged with it. Millions of people use the services of Royal Mail to send their mail and packages to different corners of the world. You can also use its service without any worries. Generally, customers of Royal Mail ask many questions and ask if is there any Royal Mail delivery today. or Is Royal Mail open today? Well, we are going to discuss these questions further in this article. Keep reading the post till the end to know everything about the Royal Mail today’s delivery.


Is There Royal Mail Delivery Today?

Royal is popular for its six days a week of hard work. Royal Mail delivers Monday to Saturday but if it is a Sunday, bank holiday, or public holiday then Royal Mail doesn’t deliver any mail or package. So, we can’t answer exactly the question “Is there Royal Mail delivery today?” The answer depends on the day on which you are going to ship the mail or package.

The answer varies according to the day on which you’re shipping the parcel. If today is Sunday, a bank holiday, or a public holiday then there will be no delivery by Royal Mail, or if it is not a Sunday or any holiday then Royal Mail delivers today. Here is a list of Royal Mail holidays 2022 that you can see and schedule all your post office work accordingly.

MondayJan 03, 2022New Year's Day
ThursdayMar 17, 2022St. Patrick's Day
FridayApr 15, 2022Good Friday
MondayApr 18, 2022Easter Monday
MondayMay 02, 2022Early May Bank Holiday
ThursdayJun 02, 2022Spring Bank Holiday
MondayAug 29, 2022Summer Bank Holiday
MondayDec 26, 2022Boxing Day
TuesdayDec 27, 2022Christmas Day

As you have seen the 2022 Royal Mail holidays. There are a few days on which Royal Mail will not deliver any mail or package. What would you do if there is an emergency? What if it is urgent to send any mail or package? As Royal Mail is the biggest delivery company, it provides a solution to every problem of its customers. Here a service that is offered by Royal Mail is Royal Mail Sameday which can do the work of delivering packages any day throughout the year. There are some specifications of this service that are mentioned below on this page.

* Royal Mail Sameday runs 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

* You will be informed about delivery confirmation via email.

* In case of any damage or loss, it provides coverage up to £2,500.

* This service is available with a real-time satellite tracking facility.

Is The Royal Mail Open Today?

As we have told you earlier in this post that the answer to these questions depends on the day which you’re talking about. Royal is not open if it is a Sunday or a holiday which has been discussed above in the form of a table in this article. Royal Mail keeps its services running all days of the week except Sunday or any holiday. So, if you’re going to any of the Royal Mail offices then check whether it is a Sunday or a holiday. If it is a Sunday or any holiday then all the offices of Royal Mail will be closed. You have to visit Royal Mail another day except for Sunday and the holiday.

Customers also raise questions about the delivery timings of Royal Mail. Well, Royal Mail delivers by 3:00 pm to the urban areas and by 4:00 pm to the rural areas. There are some exceptions for the islands and highlands of Scotland.

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