As all of us know that Canada Post is the biggest package delivery company in Canada. It is known for its work and delivery on time and hence it has a huge crowd of customers using it for the delivery of their mails, packages and other important documents. Canada Post provides many great services to its customers like mail forwarding service, hold mail service, registered mail service, letter mail service, and many more. Personalized mail Canada Post service is one of those services provided by Canada Post. All the details about the Personalized mail like Rates of Personalized mail and delivery estimate time of personalized mail are given below in this post. Read the complete post to know everything about the personalized mail by Canada Post.


What is Personalized Mail Canada Post?

It is a service offered by Canada Post to its customers to personalize their mail and customize their promotional messages to a particular consumer. You can directly be marketing and advertise through the personalized mail service.

Conditions that must meet to accept a Personalized Mail:

(i) Personalized Mail is acceptable only when all the items have the same aim and purpose even if the content of the items is not the same.

(ii) The item must fulfill the definition of Personalized Mail.

(iii) The mail must be paid.

(iv) The mail should consist of 1000 items for special handling mail and at least 100 items for Machineable Mail.

Mini Catalogs are also accepted as Personalized mail. Mini Catalog is a printed form of the items list, items description, number, and items prices. Mini Catalog consists of a maximum of 8 pages.

Conditions Under Which Personalized Mail Can be Unacceptable:

* Education material like opinion surveys, updates to professional handbooks, and census are not acceptable as personalized mail.

* Receipts, invoices, tax forms, and paid subscriptions are not allowed to deliver through personalized mail.

* Informational notices like annual reminders, voting (election) notices, renewal notices, and recall notices can’t be sent through personalized mail.

Canada Post Personalized Mail Delivery Standards

Delivery standards mean the estimated time given to the customers by Canada Post in which their personalized will be delivered or how much time will the personalized mail take to reach your doorstep. At the time when you send the personalized mail to its destination, you will be given the estimated time in which it will be delivered. But Canada Post doesn’t guarantee that the mail will be delivered within the given time. It may be changed due to some bad weather conditions or some national emergencies. Also, the time depends on the destination where it has to reach. A list of estimated time taken by the personalized mail is given below.


In Business
Local Provincial National
Machineable Mail - Standard 3 4 5
Machineable Mail - Oversize/ Special Handling 3 3-5 4-8


Canada Post Personalized Mail Rates

Rates for the personalized mail has been given below in this post. There are different rates for standard, oversize, special handling, machineable, and machineable mini-catalogs. If the personalized mail has passed all the conditions for being acceptable, you should now check the rates to deliver this personalized mail. Check the list below to know more about the Personalized mail rates by Canada Post.


Machineable Standard
Up to 50g
Up to 500g
$0.505$0.75 + $0.0034 per g over 50 g
Special Handling Standard Oversize Dimensional
Up to 50g Over 50 g
up to 100 g
Up to 500g Over 500 g
Up to 1.36 kg
Up to 500 g Over 500 g
up to 1.36 kg
$0.57 $0.61$0.71 + $0.0034 $2.75 +
per g $0.0040 per g
over 50 g over 500 g
$1.55 + $3.02 + $0.0040
$0.0018 per per g
g over 50 g over 500 g
Price Per Item
Machineable Mini - Catalogue Standard
Up to 50 g


We hope that this article will help with all of your queries. If you still have any queries about the Personalized mail by Canada Post then you may comment to us and we will help you in all the possible ways in order to solve all the problems regarding Personalized mail.

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