Do you know what is a postal money order? It is a certified and cashable document that can be sent to the destination by using any postal service. This is the safest way to send money to your loved ones because the postal service you’re using to send this money order guarantees the delivery of this money order. You don’t need to worry at all about the loss of your money. It will be delivered safely to the destination where it is addressed. In this article, we are going to discuss Money Order Service by Canada Post. Keep reading this article till the need to know everything about this money order service.


Money Order Service By Canada Post

As you know Canada Post is one of the most reputed delivery companies in Canada. If you’re a customer of Canada Post then you must be aware of Canada Postal Service’s trust. Canada Post does money orders and it is the safest service in Canada. The money order is a cashable and certified document that you can send to your relatives or loved ones. If you don’t have a bank account still you can use this service. These money orders can be used to make payments in Canada.

This service doesn’t require any financial details to use but you have to give the information about the sender and the payee if you want to purchase a money order from Canada Post. Proceeds of crime and terrorist financing act require this information about the sender and the payee. If you’re a sender and you purchase a money order of value equal to $3000 or more than this, then you have to give all the information about you and the payee. This is mandatory by Canada Post. This will protect your money order. Do you know how will it protect your money order? Well, only the payee whose name is imprinted on this money order will be able to cash this money order. If you don’t provide the full information about the sender and the payee then the transaction won’t be completed.

Canada Post Money Order Fee/Cost

We have told you above in this article that Canada Post provides a money order service. You may think about the cost or fee of this money order by Canada Post. You just have to pay the amount of money and fee for the service. Canada Post charges a fee of $7.50 for this service. You can send a maximum of $999.99CAD. There is no charge if you cash this money order. You can make the money order payment either using a debit card or cash. Credit cards can’t be used to make payments while purchasing a money order at the Canada Post office.

How To Cash a Postal Money Order

You can cash any money order with simple steps. You just have to visit any Canada Post office nearest to you. Give this money order to any of the workers of Canada Post and they will give you the cash amount. You can either take the cash amount or deposit it in your bank account. There may be some chances that you don’t get cash at the Canada Post office because they don’t have enough cash in the post office. In that case, you can visit another post office to cash the money order or can wait for some time.

Financial institutions also cash the money order but remember one thing if you go to any financial institution, they may charge you some fee to cash the money order. In addition, you will have to carry government ID proof with you if you want to cash the money order.

Get Canada Post Money Order Refund

If you have not cashed the money order then you can get a refund for this money order if you want. You just have to call on 1-800-563-0444 and tell them the detail of the money order. They will ask you for the serial number of the money order that is printed on the sales receipt. You will be refunded the amount of the money order and the fee ($7.50) is non-refundable.

We hope this article will help you to know about the Canada Post Money order service, its fee, and the refund process. If you still have any problems then you may comment to us and we will be there to help you.

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