Canada Post is the most trusted and genuine postal service used by Canadians. It is also popularly known as Royal Mail Canada. Canada Post consists of several services like Registered Mail, Priority Mail, Letter Mail, Mail Forwarding, Xpresspost parcel, etc. All these services are door-to-door delivery services. Canada Post works in both domestic and international parcels and this is the thing that makes it more popular and different from other postal services. Every parcel whether it is domestic or international has a tracking number that is used to track your parcel.

Not everyone but some people are unaware of the tracking number and use of the tracking number. Once they lost that tracking number, they don’t know what to do if the tracking number is lost. It may be harder for anyone who has lost a tracking number to track the package easily. If you are one of those people who want to know about the tracking number or have lost your tracking number then you are at the right blog. We will tell you all the possible ways to do it if you have lost the tracking number of Canada post. Everything about the tracking number is also given below.


Canada Post Tracking Number

A tracking number is an alphanumeric number that’s given after the package or the parcel is shipped. Generally, it contains 11-13 alphanumeric letters which end with CA. A tracking number is used to track the package or parcel. It’s also helpful to find the location of the parcel and to process the package further. People get upset and confused if they lost their tracking number, so you don’t need to worry now as we have a satisfactory solution for your query.

Lost Canada Post Tracking Number

If you have lost your tracking number from Canada Post then you aren’t the only person who has lost the tracking number. So many people could lose their number, so first of all keep calm. There are so many searches on the web about what to do if I have lost my tracking number. Alright, a tracking number is the only way to track your package and there is no other option generally to track the package without a tracking number. The only way to find a lost tracking number is to call customer care and request them to provide you the tracking number by giving them all the original I’d proofs and whatever they ask you to provide. This is the only possible way you can find your tracking number.

You will find the tracking number at the bottom of your tracking receipt if you have sent the package by any of the (Priority, Regular, or Xpresspost) services of Canada Post. The tracking will be available only if have sent the package to the domestic areas.

The tracking will be available on the shipping label as well as on the tracing receipt if you have sent the package to the USA or internationally anywhere else. Keep the tracking number safe otherwise it would not be possible to track the package without the tracking number. Postal companies don’t have any information about the shipment due to some privacy issues. So, please keep it safe with you.

Must-Know: The prepaid packages or products of Canada Post don’t have a tracking number on the receipt.

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Final Words:

  1. Check your email: If you purchased your shipping label online or in person, you should have received an email with your tracking number. Search your email inbox and spam folder for the email.
  2. Check your receipt: If you purchased your shipping label in person at a Canada Post office, your tracking number should be on your receipt. Look for a barcode or a 16-digit number.
  3. Contact Canada Post: If you are unable to find your tracking number, you can contact Canada Post customer service for assistance. Provide as much information about the shipment as possible, such as the recipient’s name and address, the date of shipment, and the type of service used. Canada Post may be able to retrieve your tracking number from their records.
  4. Check with the recipient: If you are the sender, you can also ask the recipient if they have received the package and if they have the tracking number.

It’s important to have your tracking number as it allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment and can be used to make an inquiry or claim if the package is lost or delayed.

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