Express Post is one of the finest services given by Canada Post. It is also popularly known as Xpresspost. Those customers who want to send their parcels very quickly and safely, choose Express Post by Canada Post. Canada Post offers you the best services the Lettermail Service, personalized mail, registered mail, mail forwarding service, prepaid envelope, etc. These services are offered by Canada Post not only in Canada but also in the U.S and other international destinations. This is one of the fastest and most cost-effective services given by the Canada Post. In this article, we are going to discuss the Express mail service in brief. Read the complete article to know everything about Xpresspost international by Canada Post.

Express Post By Canada Post

Express post is a service given by Canada Post to send parcels quickly from one place to another. As we told you above in this article that this is the most convenient and safest way to send your parcel to its destination. This service is also called Xpresspost Certified this is because when it gets delivered to the destination, it automatically captures the signature of the recipient at the time of delivery.

There are some norms under which Canada Post sends your package from one place to another. It never delivers any illegal item which may cause any harm to anyone. It never delivers any sexually oriented items. It never delivers any item which breaks the law. Hence, every norm must be followed otherwise Canada Post Express Post will not deliver your parcel.

There are also some terms and conditions to accept your parcel given by the Post office. Your parcel must be neat and clean. There should be no soil upon the parcel and there should be no item inside it that spreads a bad odor. The parcel remains unacceptable unless it is wrapped properly. Size and weight are also an issue to accept a parcel. Xpresspost service by Canada Post costs you some extra charges if the items don’t match the considerable size and weight. If your items are oversized or overweighted then Xpresspost will ask you for a surcharge. If you don’t pay that charge the parcel will not deliver and will be back to you. The standard weight and size are given below in the table.


Documents and ParcelsMin.

Length = 100 mm; Width = 70 mm; Height = 1 mm; Weight = None
Length: 2 m; Length + Girth: 3 m; Weight = 30 kg
Mailing TubeMin.100 mm x 23 mm x 23 mm
(A surcharge will be applied to mailing tubes that are cylindrical in shape)


Canada Express Post U.S.A

Xpresspost delivers the parcels not only in Canada but also in the U.S.A. It guarantees the customers to deliver the parcel within 2-3 days to the major cities of Canada and the United States. Sending parcels through Xpresspost is very simple and you can use this service online from the United States. This is the most affordable service and easy to use as well. You can also visit any nearest post office to you to avail this service. The size and weight of the parcel are given below.


Length Width Height Weight
Minimum 21 cm 14 cm 1 mm -
MaximumLength = 1.52 m
Length + Girth =
2.74 m
30 kg


Canada Xpresspost International

Not only in Canada and the U.S but also Xpresspost by Canada delivers the parcels internationally. All the international parcels will be delivered within 4 to 7 days. Xpresspost guarantees its customers to deliver the parcel safely within 4 to 7 days in more than 70 countries around the world. By using this service you can get guaranteed delivery on time, can confirm your delivery by signature, and can ship your parcel at the most affordable prices. The size and weight of the standard parcel with an international destination are given below. Read the size carefully and try to avoid oversizing the parcel.

International Parcel – Surface

Shipping destinationEuropeAsia-Pacific and AustraliaAfricaSouth America
Projected arrival date (months)1–22–32–3 1–2

International Parcel – Air

Shipping distanceInternational destinations
Projected arrival date (business days)12+


Standard Xpresspost Delivery Canada

Standard delivery means the number of days in which Xpresspost will deliver the parcel to the customer. The standard time for the delivery to be done within Canada is given below. Know the delivery in your area below in this article.

Delivery AreaXpresspost™
Major Urban Centres
Localnext day
Regionalnext day
National2 days
Non-Major Urban Centres
Localnext day
Regional2 days
National3 days
Northern Regions and Remote Centres
Local5 days
Regional5 days and up to 7 days
National5 days and up to 8 days

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