New Year is the first eve of every year. New Year is celebrated with a lot of happiness and joy all around the world. In the real sense, it is not a holiday but it is celebrated as a holiday. Many organizations don’t work on this day but many do. In this article, we are going to talk about Canada Post. People of Canada or customers of Canada Post may be confused about the opening of Canada post on this day. Several people ask the question “Does Canada Post Deliver on New Year’s Day?” Well, we are going to tell you everything about the Canada Post delivery on New Year’s day. keep reading this article till the end to know the answer to all questions.

Does Canada Post Deliver On New Year’s Day?

Canada Post does not deliver on New Year’s Day. So, the answer to the above question is “No“. New Year’s day is celebrated as a national holiday in Canada. All the services of Canad Post remain inactive on national, provincial, and territorial holidays. So, don’t expect any delivery on these holidays. If you’re expecting your delivery then you will have to wait for the next working day from Canada Post. A list of 2022 holidays of Canada Post is given below on this page. You can check this list of Canada Post holidays so that you can ship all your packages on time.

New Year's Day (National)Jan. 1
Good Friday (National)April 15
Easter Monday (National)April 18
Victoria Day (National)May 23
Patriots' National Day (Québec only)May 23
Québec's National Holiday (Québec only)June 24
Canada Day (National)July 1
Civic Holiday (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut, etc.)Aug. 1
Natal Day (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia)Aug. 1
New Brunswick Day (New Brunswick)Aug. 1
British Columbia Day (British Columbia)Aug. 1
Heritage Day (Alberta)Aug. 1
Discovery Day (Yukon)Aug. 15
Labour Day (National)Sept. 5
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (National)Sept. 30
Thanksgiving Day (National)Oct. 10
Remembrance Day (National)Nov. 11
Christmas Day (National)Dec. 25
Boxing Day (National)Dec. 26

There are a total of 18 holidays that fall in the year 2022. You won’t expect any delivery on these mentioned holidays.

Is Canada Post Open On New Year’s Day?

Canada Post is not open on New Year’s Day. Hence, the answer to the above question is “No“. If you have to do any post office work then you can’t do it on New Year’s day. This is a national holiday in Canada that’s why all the Canada Post offices remain closed on this day. In order to complete your post office work, you will have to wait for the next working day of Canada Post so that its office may open on that particular business day. If you’re visiting any Canada Post office on a suspicious day when the office could be closed then we suggest you check the holidays of Canada Post before going to any post office.

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