Canada Post offers various services throughout Canada. Canada Post’s main service is registered mail service. Their customers are really appreciating this service. Registered mail service gives its services in domestic, U.S.A. and also international destinations. First of all, let us know what registered mail is.

What is Registered Mail?

Registered mail is a type of postal service provided by different types of post offices throughout the world. It lets the proof of sender mail through an electronic verification or a receipt if your package is yet delivered or not. Whether you have to pay any additional charges, depends on the country like:canada post registered mail

  • Return receipt that gives a delivery date and receipt signature via electronic notification or a postcard
  • Restricted delivery, only a specific person will receive the particular mail

The best option to send your package securely is through registered mail services. You need not worry about any sort of damage, loss, or theft. Canada post offers you liability coverage worth 100$ to 5000$. However, liability coverage has some exceptions too. You can’t claim your liability coverage if your package has stocks, banknotes, bonds, coupons, or any other securities negotiable to the bearer, traveler’s cheques, lottery tickets, jewelry, coins, precious metals – manufactured or non-manufactured, gold bullion, or precious stones.

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After the delivery of the package, Canada Post notifies the sender about the delivery. If the package is undelivered, Canada Post sends it back to the sender’s address. If you want to send the same package to another address, just register a forwarding request for this address.

Canada Post Domestic Registered Mail:

Canada Post domestic registered mail is a service offered by Canada postal department throughout the country. This postal service is an extremely secure way of mailing as it secures the addressee’s signature, issues a mailing receipt for the sender and date of delivery of your mail. Registered mail includes documents, letter mail, jewelry, coin, literature for the blind, manufactured/non-manufactured metals, etc. there are products that are prohibited as per Canadian law, dangerous are unacceptable.

Note: XpresspostTM, PriorityTM, Regular ParcelTM  and Expedited ParcelTM don’t go along with Registered Mail.

Domestic Registered Mail Size and Weight:

All the registered mails have their size and weight. With the below-given table, you will be able to check the size and weight of your package.

CategoryLengthWidthThicknessAspect RatioWeight
StandardMin 140mm(5.6in)
Max 245mm(9.6in)
Min 90mm(3.6in)
Max 156mm(6.1in)
5mm (0.2in)
2g (0.07 oz)
50g (1.76 oz)
OtherMin 140mm (5.6in)
Max 380mm (14.9in)
Min 90mm (3.6in)
Max 270 mm (10.6in)
0.18mm (0.007in)
20mm (0.8in)
5g (0.17 oz)
500g (17.6 oz)
Prepaid Envelopes
Stndard lettter240mm (9.4in)150mm (5.9in)--50g (1.76 oz)
Other Letter318mm (12.5in)241mm (9.5 in )--200g (7.1 oz)

Canada Post Registered Mail Delivery Time:

Once a parcel is sent, the sender starts worrying whether their parcel will be shipped within the allotted time or not. Now, no need to worry about this. The only way to deliver the package on time is to ship it on time. the time taken by registered mail service to deliver the package major urban centers, for local, provincial and national level is 2, 3 and 4 days respectively. It takes the same days for non-major urban centers also. The time is taken to deliver a package in northern areas and remote regions for local, provincial, and national are from 2 to 6 and 8 days. To make it easy for you, below given is a table about the delivery times of the registered mail as per your delivery zone. Let’s see the given table:

Delivery ZoneLocalWithin provinceNational
Major Urban Centres2 days3 days4 days
Non-Major Urban Centres2 days3 days4 days
Northern Regions and remote centres2 daysupto 6 daysupto 8 days

Canada Post International Registered Mail:

International registered mail of Canada Post also offers a service to the customers where the customers are able to send their packages to another country using this service. However, there are some conditions in which your package isn’t acceptable such as when you send any prohibited product or non-document items to your destination country. The company will not deliver your package if it is harmful to the environment or if the law of the destination country prohibits it. That’s why whenever you want to send an item to another country, always ensure it follows the laws of that particular country. If your item doesn’t fulfill this criterion, it will be held by the custom.

International Registered Mail Size and Weight:

All the international registered mails have their size and weight. this blog has categorized Canada Post registered mail international size and weight on the basis of letters, cards/postcards, as well as another letter post. Check your item’s size and weight with the below-given table:

LetteresMin 140mm (5.5in)
Max 245mm (9.6in)
Min 90mm (3.5in)
Max 156mm (6.1 in)
0.18mm (0.007in)
5mm (0.2in)
50g (1.8 oz)
Cards or PostcardsMin 140mm (5.5in)
Max 235mm (9.2in)
Min 90mm (3.5in)
max 120mm (4.7in)
0.18mm (0.007in)
50g (1.8 oz)
other letter-postMin 140mm (5.5in)
Max 380mm (15.0in)
Min 90mm(3.5in)
Max 270mm (10.6in)
0.18mm (0.007in)
20mm (0.8in)
500g(17.6 oz)

Canada Post Registered Mail  USA Size and Weight

All the registered mails in the USA have their size and weight. Check your item’s size and weight from the below-given table:

Letter (Prepaid Envelopes)Max 318mm (12.5in)241mm (9.5in)1mm (0.04in)500g (17.6 oz)
OtherMin 210mm (8.3in)
Max 380mm (15.0in)
140mm (5.5in)
270mm (10.6in)
1mm (0.04 in)
20mm (0.8in)
500g (17.6 oz)

Registered Mail Cost/Price

Talking about Canada post registered mail cost, it is very much cost-effective. Pay only $9.50 + regular postage price to send registered mail throughout Canada, the USA, and other countries.

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