Canada Post is the best government official company to deliver your mails, parcels, packages, etc. within Canada and to international destinations as well. It provides the doorstep delivery that makes it very popular among the people of Canada. Mostly it delivers on the estimated time but sometimes it may be late due to some bad weather conditions or any emergency. So, customers sometimes ask if they want faster delivery. Canada Post Priority Mail Service is a time-sensitive service that provides you fastest delivery. Let’s know everything about priority mail service like how much time it takes to deliver the parcels, and what are priority mail rates? Read the full article to know everything about this service.


Canada Post Priority Mail Service

Canada post offers this service to deliver all the time-sensitive documents, letters, parcels, and packages. Canada Post Priority mail service is the fastest service given by Canada Post. All the mails, packages, documents, etc. will be delivered by the next business day to all the major urban centers and it guarantees its delivery on time. There is no additional charge for the signature collection. It will be free if you use the priority mail service. You can also send through the priority mail prepaid envelopes and flat rate boxes. Flat rate boxes aren’t available online so you would have to visit any nearest post office to buy flat rate boxes. You can check the size and weight of the prepaid product in the table given below.


Prepaid Products EnvelopesPriority


Length = 318 mm
Width= 241 mm
Thickness = 15 mm
Weight = 500 g


Length = 394 mm
Width = 314 mm
Thickness = 30 mm
Weight = 1 kg


There may be some conditions under which Canada Post doesn’t accept your item to deliver. There is a certain weight and size for the document that you want to deliver. If your item doesn’t match that standard then it will not be acceptable. Apart from this, if your item has a bad odor, soil stains and any other reason that it may cause any harm to other items will not be acceptable. The standard size and weight can be seen in the given table.


Priority Mail

Documents and

Length = 100 mm; Width = 70 mm; Height = 1 mm; Weight = None

Length: 2 m; Length + Girth: 3 m; Weight = 30 kg

Mailing Tube

100 mm x 23 mm x 23 mm
(A surcharge will be applied to mailing
tubes that are cylindrical in shape)


Canada Post Priority Mail International

Priority mail service is the fastest delivery service provided by Canada Post. It works not only in Canada but also worldwide. You can send your parcel to international destinations through this service. Priority mail gives you an on-time money-back delivery guarantee. Priority mail guarantees next-day delivery in most of the U.S states and 2-3 days to the rest of more than 192 countries. In case of damage, it provides you coverage up to $100 but you have to purchase a liability for your expensive parcel. After reading about the priority mail international, many customers raise questions about the Canada Post priority mail shipping time. You can read this full article to know the answer to this question.

Canada Post Priority Shipping Time

Most of the customers who use Priority mail service want to know the shipping time of priority mail. We have made a clear table for you so that you can get it easily about the priority mail delivery time within Canada and internationally. Know here how much will the priority mail take to reach its destination in the given table below.


Delivery AreaPriority Mail Time
Major Urban Centers
Local Next Day
RegionalNext Day
NationalNext Day
Non-Major Urban Centers
LocalNext Day
RegionalNext Day and upto 2 days
NationalNext Day and upto 3 days
Northern Regions and Remote Centers
Local5 Days
Regional5 Days and upto 7 days
National5 Days and upto 8 days


Shipping Time in the U.S.

It delivers on the next day in most of the U.S states and takes 2-3 days to deliver in 192 countries.

Canada Post Priority Mail Rates/Prices

It is easy to find the right and easy answer to this question here. We have given you an official link to find the Priority mail rates of Canada Post. You can click here to know shipping rates.

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