Canada Post is known for its work on time and for all its services. All these services are enough to satisfy the requests and needs of its customers. Canada Post offers Xpresspost service, Neighborhood Mail service, Expedited Parcel service, Hold Mail service, Registered Mail service, etc. All these services have their own use and importance. When you use any of these services, you have to buy stamps from Canada Post. Only then you will be able to use these services. These stamps are made using paper and have some specified value. Canada Post also provides permanent stamps. If you want to know about Canada Post Permanent Stamps then you are in the right place. Keep reading this article till the end to know everything about these stamps.


What Are Canada Post Permanent Stamps?

These are the stamps provided by Canada Post which can be identified by the letter “P” written on these stamps. These stamps have no specified value. These stamps are used to mail a letter weighing up to 30 g maximum. You can use these stamps anytime when you want once you have bought them. Permanent stamps work at the current postage price even if you had bought these stamps years before. Also, these permanent stamps are used as additional postage if are sending large mail and packages or mailing to an international destination. If you want to purchase these permanent stamps then either you can go to any nearest Canada Post Office or you can purchase permanent stamps online. You can create your own stamps. We are going to tell you how you can make your custom stamps.

How To Create Custom Canada Post Permanent Stamps

It’s not very difficult to create custom Canada Post Permanent Stamps. You can just do all this work in just some simple steps. All you need is a photo and you can use your own design to create a unique permanent stamp with Canada Post’s picture postage. All these permanent stamps can be used to send mail, package and letter within Canada and to the international destinations as well.

You can create permanent stamps for some special events also like wedding aniversary, birthday, personal brand etc. There are several options available to create these permanent stamps of Canada Post. You can also make matching cards and invitations to share your happy memories. You can create these stamps in horizontal and verticle form. You would have to decide first how many stamps you want to create and then choose the option for postage value according to domestic, international or non standard cards/letters. There are a lot of options to customize your stamp like you can choose your own colors. You can create these stamps by simply clicking here.

How Much Does Canada Post Custom Permanent Stamp Cost?

Canada Post Custom Permanent Stamps start from $35 and goes up in terms of prices. These stamps will be delivered to you within 10 business days once you have created them. If you want fast delivery then you may use Xpresspost service by Canada Post and these stamps will be delivered soon to you.

We hope this article will help you to knoe everything about the Custome Permanent Stamps of Canada Post. If you still have any problems then you comment to us and we will be there to help you in more ways.

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