Canada Post is known for its best services provided. All these services have their own importance and use. Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail is one of those services. Many services like Personalized Mail, Priority Mail, Hold Mail, Expresspost, etc. All these services play a vital role to make Canada Post one of the most reputed and special mail delivery companies. All the workers of Canada Post provide these services in such a way that the customers have never been disappointed and get their delivery on the estimated time. Further in this article, We are going to discuss everything about the neighborhood service, its prices, and the delivery time. Read the complete article to know about this service.


What is Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail Service?

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail service is one of the best services provided by Canada Post. This service delivers all the printed and non-printed items or products that don’t have a specific address where to deliver. The main target of this service is to mail at the neighborhoods or the areas provided by the geographic, demographic, and specific information which has a large potential of audiences without any customer database. This service of Canada Post is used to deliver the information and the advertising material to all the 15.7 million letterboxes in Canada country.

What is Acceptable as Neighborhood Mail?

All the items that are not addressed to a specific destination shall be accepted as the neighborhood mail. The address should not be mentioned on the items or the packages you want to deliver by the Canada Post neighborhood service. Delivery will be attempted on the basis of the formats written on the package. Like “Resident”, “Householder”, “Occupant”, “Business Owner”, or “Marketing Manager” without a destination address. Some examples of these types of words are given below.

There are certain conditions that should meet if you are using Neighborhood Service:

* The mail must be mailed in Canada to the delivery destination of Canada.

* Must meet the minimum volume requirement given by Canada Post.

* Complete distribution on one route i.e, all the items of information of advertising should have distributed on one route.

* The mail must meet all the conditions mentioned in the agreement of Neighborhood Mail.

What is Unacceptable as a Neighborhood Mail?

Canada Post doesn’t allow some items to deliver using the Neighborhood Mail service. What are these factors of conditions under which delivery can’t be attempted using neighborhood mail service? We are going to discuss these factors and conditions. Read the article further to know these factors.

* All the items that are illegal can’t be sent using this service.

* All the items that are prohibited by the Canadian Parliament.

* The mail which contains sexual material can’t be sent using this service.

* The mail containing any items which can cause harm to other items or mail, can’t be sent using the Neighborhood mail service.

Neighborhood Mail Delivery Time

It is the estimated time given by Canada Post to deliver Neighborhood Mail. Time taken by the mail depends on the location from which it is sent and the destination where it has to reach. Also, some bad weather conditions and other inconveniences may cause any late in the delivery of neighborhood mail. For your better experience, we have made a table for you that shows the delivery time taken by Canada Post Neighborhood Mail according to the locations and destinations. Check this table to know about the Neighborhood Mail delivery times.

CategoryThicknessWeightDelivery Cycle
Up to 0.75 in.
(1.91 cm)
Up to 200 g
(7.05 oz)
Up to 3 Business
Standard &
Up to 1 in.
(2.54 cm)
Up to 300 g
(10.58 oz)
Up to 4 Business
Up to 500 g
(17.64 oz)
Up to 9 Business

Canada Post Neighborhood Mail Rates/Prices

Canada Post charges some costs to deliver neighborhood mail and these prices are called Canada Post Neighborhood Mail Rates. These rates depend on the size and weight of the mail. The bigger the size of the mail, the higher it will be charged, and vice-versa. Here, we provide you with a table having all the information about the prices of neighborhood mail. Check it out right below on this page.

Weight Standard Oversize
Up to 50 g 16.7¢ 17.7¢
50-100 g 18.8¢ 20.2¢
Over 100 g 28.5¢ + 0.24¢ per g
over 100 g
29.7¢ + 0.24¢ per g
over 100 g
Options Standard Oversize
Transportation 1.0¢ 1.0¢
Specified Delivery Start Date 1.0¢ No Charge

We hope this article will help you with all the questions about the Neighborhood Mail service. If you still have any problems then you may comment to us and we will be there to help you in every possible way.

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