A postal money order means a certified, cashable document offered to you by Canada Post. Contrary to popular belief, this service is very safe if you want to purchase or make bill payments locally or anywhere within Canada. It’s a great option in case you don’t wish to mail cash.

The money order has:

  • A negotiable document that has all the proofs of claims and purchase or inquiry information given on print-of-sale (POS) receipts
  • Added security information like:
  • A barcode serial number
  • Security code and a polarized ink which is verified at the crashing of money order

Does Canada Post offer Money Order Service?

Yes, Canada Post does money orders. It is the best service provider in Canada.

Canada Post Money Order Service:

Using this service is the best option to send money to your friends or relatives. You can use this money order service by Canada Post even if you don’t have a bank account. You can make purchases or payments with this.

The best part is you don’t have to share any of your financial details with anyone. While buying a money order, you should provide

  • Sender (business or person)
  • Payee (business or person)

This information is important as only your payee can cash it. The transaction will not be completed if you don’t have “sender” or “payee” information.

For any amount worth $3000 or more, you need to provide a government-issued verified photo ID proof. This includes fees and exchange also (if applicable). The application fee has to be paid in Canadian dollars.

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Canada Post Money Order and Fee Cost:

A fee for the money order service and an amount of money will be paid by you and you can only send up to $999.99. If you’re in cashing a money order at a post office, then you don’t have to pay even a single penny. Either directly pay through cash or use your debit card to pay. However, payments through debits cards are prohibited.

How to Cash Canada Money Order Postal:

You need not pay anything while you are cashing your money order at a post office. The facility of depositing or cashing a money order at your financial institution is also available. When you send a money order to a business, it can be cashed only in a financial institution. At times, financial institutions charge some fees for foreign money orders.

How to get A Refund of A Canada Post Money Order?

You are allowed to ask for a refund only for those money orders that are yet to be cashed. Simply call on 1800-563-0444 and provide the serial number. The sales receipt has the serial number. However, the  $7 purchase fee is non-refundable.

Security Features of Real Canada Post Money Order:

Check the  below-given security features to differentiate between the real or fake Canada Post money order:

Feature                                                                                        Description

Watermark                                                                                   when you hold it to the light, you’ll be able to

See 1 or 2 beaver-shaped watermarks

Micro printing                                                                               CANADAPOST/POSTESCANADA/CANADAPOST


1-800                                                                                              Canada Post only uses 1-800-563-444 to verify

The validity

In Fluorescent fibers                                                                          you can see the writing on the back under

Ultraviolet light

Maximum amount                                                                           up to $999.99

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