Usually, customers use community mailboxes to send as well as receive mails. With this service, you get a small personal compartment. Your mails are kept there. Apart from you and the postal department, no one can access these mailboxes.

Canada Post Mailbox:

Just get in touch with Canada Post officials and you can easily get a mailbox on rent. There are times when getting your mailbox is time-consuming. Canada Post mailboxes are extremely user-friendly.


How to Access The Mailbox of Canada Post?

  • Know the location of your community mailbox
  • Compartments’ keys are with you
  • Always remember the community mailbox module number
  • There has to be a compartment number in the community mailbox

Receive Parcel at Community Mailbox:

  • See if the parcel is in your compartment
  • If you’re unable to find it, look for your compartment to parcel compartments’ keys in the community mailbox
  • Search the parcel compartment whose number matches the number on the parcel key
  • Use the key and take out your parcel. Then, lock it again
  • Place the key in the community mailbox’s outgoing mail slot

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Canada Post Mailbox Key:

All the mailboxes have two keys, if you lose one, you can always ask for another. In situations where you have the keys but there is some problem with your mails, Canada Post officials are more than happy to help you. Don’t ever try to fix or repair it yourself. In winter, mailboxes sometimes freeze but don’t mean you start using any sort of heating device, lock de-icer, or any other such product. It’s a humble request to contact Canada Post in such scenarios.

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