Canada Post offers several services to its large number of customers. Like Express Post by Canada Post, Mail Forwarding Service, Lettermail service, Prepaid Envelope, etc. Canada Post Hold Mail Service is one of those services that makes Canada Post a popular mail delivery company. Many customers don’t know about this service and how can they avail this service. We are going to discuss everything about this service below in this article. You will get to know what is hold mail? how can you put mail on hold?  how long post office can hold your mail? how to buy hold mail form? and many more. You will get answers to all these questions in this post. Read the complete article to know everything about the Canada Hold Mail.


What is Canada Post Hold Mail Service?

If you are outside the home and anywhere else other than the mail delivering location then Canada Post offers you this service to put your mail on hold. You put your important mail on hold and you can collect it after you come back home. Anyone will be worried about important mail and to prevent this type of worry, Canada Post has offered this service to its customers. If you are on vacation then this service prevents your mail to collect in the mailbox and stops your delivery for a limited time. Most of the popular delivery companies offer hold mail service but the hold mail service by Canada Post is the best service in Canada. Now, the question arises how can you put mail on hold? We are going to discuss this question further in this article. Keep reading to know everything about the hold mail service Canada Post.

How to Put Canada Mail On Hold?

When you’re outside the home or spending vacation with your family or not available to receive your mail at the time of delivery then Canada Post provides you a service to put a hold on your mail. Your mail will not be collected in the mailbox while you put a hold on mail. With the availability of this service, you need not worry about important emails. Hold mail service is a paid service offered by Canada Post. You would have to pay to avail of this service and all the prices of hold mail are given below in this article. You would have to buy hold mail service for residential or business from the Canada Post portal or you would have to visit the nearest store to you.

If you are going to buy Canada post hold mail then you would have to carry your government-approved photo identification and a letter of authorization.

Some Govt. approved photo IDs you can carry:

  • Canadian Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Provincial/ Territorial ID
  • Canadian Forces ID
  • CNIB ID Card
  • Health Card with Photo

Letter of Authorization should consist of:

  • Printed Name
  • Signature of Individual
  • Signature of authorized to act on their behalf

Buy Hold Mail Online

A maximum of 4 people can buy hold mail at the same address. You can’t include any business name in your residential hold mail request. Once you apply for the hold mail service, it takes 3 days to activate. Hence, you should buy hold mail at least 5 days before you want to put a hold on mail. The prices to buy hold mail service are given below in the table. You can read the table carefully and can apply for the hold mail service accordingly.

Charges for the Hold Mail Service:

All the charges and additional charges for the Canada Post Hold Mail service are given below in the table.


Category Price
Residential$21.50 for 10 weekdays* or less$10.60 per additional 5 weekdays
Additional Name$3.00
Business$44.00 for 5 weekdays* or less$8.80 per additional weekday
Additional Individual Name$3.00


Buy Hold Mail At Post Office

You can also buy hold mail from the nearest post office to you. But before that, you can fill out a form that you can download from here to save your time at the post office. You must carry your identification and that filled form with you at the post office. They will ask you for both the form and the identification and then let you pay the fees. You can buy hold mail service by following these steps.

How Long Does Canada Post Hold Mail?

Like many other questions about hold mail service, customers sometimes want to know how long can this service hold the mail? The post office holds the mail for 2 weeks / 15 days. After 2 weeks or 15 days, your service will be over and Canada Post can’t hold the mail any longer. You would have to request for the hold mail again and in the same way, you will have to buy this service again to hold the mail. Canada Post doesn’t hold Parcels (regular and Xpresspost), Prepaid Envelopes, newspapers, and flyers.

Cancel Hold Mail Request

It’s very easy to buy, modify and cancel hold mail. If you have bought hold mail online then the only thing you will need is a reference number that was mailed to you at the time when you bought it. At the time of buying this service online, they ask you to provide an email and confirm that email. The reference number will be sent to this email. In case, if you have bought the service from a post office then you will have to visit that post. They will ask for the reference number that is written on the receipt they gave you at the time of buying. You will have to carry your government-approved photo identification with you and then you can cancel your hold mail.

Important Note: Canada Post isn’t responsible for any damage caused. No coverage will be provided to you in case of damage.

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