Canada Post offers a variety of services to its customers as per their demands and needs. Services like hold mail services, mail forwarding services, etc are provided by it. From time to time, it tries to get better itself either by improving the existing services or by introducing some new services such as Canada Post flex delivery service. Now, you most likely want to know what is this flex delivery? And how to use this flex delivery? Relax!  There is no need to get anxious. We will give you brief but crisp information about each and every aspect associated with Canada Post flex delivery services in the below-given paragraphs. Continue reading this article in order to know more.


What is Canada Post Flex Delivery?

Canada Post offers flex delivery services. This lets the customers select exactly which post office will receive online purchase delivery. There are more than 6000 post office locations you can select from. Flex post-Canada delivery services are extremely easy, convenient, and secure from the customer’s point of view.

How to Use Canada Post Flex Delivery?

Using Flex Post Canada is super easy. It only takes a few minutes to sign up by the customers. They can choose any post office as per their location. After this, they’ll get a unique identification number as well as a flex delivery address. They can use it for all the locations they have chosen. When they are shopping online, they’ll give this flex address rather than your home address. When a product is delivered at their chosen flex delivery address, they will receive an email from the post notifying them about the pick up of their product.

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How to Use Flex Delivery Service Online?

  • Signing up online is free of cost

To verify your identity using your name and address given on your government-issued photo ID. Verifying your identity is essential for security reasons.

  • Select a nearby pickup post office

When you’re not at home, you want your product to be delivered to this post office.

  • Use your Flex Delivery address rather than your usual residential address

While shopping online, use your Flex Delivery address as your shipping address at the checkout time. online tracking for your product is available.

  • Get an email for your pickup

When your product is delivered, Canada post notifies you about it through an email or through their app.

  • Pick up your product

The post office will only let you have your product when you show them your government-issued photo ID proof.

Make sure you enter the right address while shopping online, it will ensure the delivery of what you ordered at the right place, saving your time and energy. The other thing you need to ensure is that the online store from where you’re shopping is able to deliver to a PO Box address. Don’t forget to check the store’s shipping policy every time you make a purchase.

Canada Flex Delivery Cost

The good news is Canada Post doesn’t even charge a single penny from its customers when they avail the flex delivery service. Knowing flex delivery costs is important for the customers.  Now, their customers can use it as much as they want.

Is Flex Delivery Free of Cost Service?

Yes, it is absolutely free-of-cost service offered by Canada post. Canada Post doesn’t charge its customers.

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