As all of us know that Canada Post is known for its good services and on-time delivery. That’s the reason why a huge crowd of customers is using the services of Canada Post. Canada Post is serving the people of Canada for a long time and thus, it has one of the most trustworthy package and mail delivery companies in Canada. Also, it delivers the package, mail, documents, and other items at affordable and reasonable prices. This is also one of the major reasons why a vital amount of people are connected to Canada Post. It offers several services like Registered mail, Hold mail service, Expresspost, etc. Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service is one of these services offered by Canada Post. We are going to discuss everything about the expedited service further in this article.


Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service

Each service provided by Canada Post has its own importance and goal. People use different services for different purposes. Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service is used to send high-volume shipments. Generally, this service is used for business purposes. Expedited Service by Canada Post is cheaper in use and very reliable for those business holders who send heavy shipments from one place to another. A signature on delivery option is also available for this service but it’s not free. You have to pay some extra charges if you want signature confirmation at the time of delivery.

Also, this service provides coverage of $100 in case of missing, loss, or damage of the item. You need not worry at all. Some parcels are acceptable and some are not acceptable by the Canada Post expedited service. If you think what kind of parcels aren’t acceptable then for your kind information we should tell you that all the parcels containing illegal items and items which ruin the environment and ruins the parcels of others are unacceptable. These unacceptable parcels are sent back to the sender. The standard dimension and size of a parcel are given below. Your parcel must match these dimensions.

Canada Post Expedited Parcel Delivery Time

Canada Post delivers all the packages on time and it makes Canada Post a trustworthy and reliable delivery company. All the expedited parcels deliver on time like all other parcels. Canada Post works Monday to Friday to deliver these expedited parcels. It delivers 9:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m in the residential destinations and 9:00 a. to 5 p.m in the business destinations. The delivery hours for the expedited parcels are also the same as the regular parcels.

How Long Does The Canada Post Expedited Parcel Take?

We have already told you about the delivery hours of the Canada Post Expedited Parcel. All these parcels get delivered in 1 day to the local destinations, within 3 days to the regional destinations, and within 7 days to the national destinations. All the expedited parcels take up to 4-7 days to get delivered to all the states of the United States. A detailed list is given below, you can see it for more information.

Canada Post Expedited Parcel Price

When you send any package by the Canada Post Expedited Parcel service then there are a few things that you would certainly want to know. Many questions come to your mind like the delivery time, hours, shape, and size of an expedited parcel. One of the most asked questions like these questions is “how much does Canada Post Expedited Parcel Cost? If you have fulfilled all the details about the parcel then you can proceed to the next step. Here is a link that will tell you the expedited parcel price according to the size of the package. Click here to go to the prices page.

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